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CoverJapanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (Ed.)
The Future of Peripheries

A European-Japanese Conference on Forgotten Territories in Japan and Europe 19-21 September 2007

2008 • ISBN 978-3-89129-950-0 • 173 p., Pb., 32 Ill. • EUR 35,20

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The papers in this publication are based on presentations given during the symposium. They give empirical evidence of regional decline in selected peripheries of Japan and Europe and describe the economic and political challenges local and regional governments are facing, as well as showing ways and means to address such challenges at various parts of government. The case-study reports from Japan and Europe made it clear that in times of globalization and structural change, peripheries and the people living and working in the peripheries of the two macro-regions, are not forgotten and that policy makers are well aware of the problems. The discussions confirmed that in market economies and without strong intervention of the public sector, there are no easy recipes to stop territorial concentration in metropolitan regions and to stabilize local and regional economies in the periphery.


Friederike Bosse: Foreword • Klaus R. Kunzmann: Foreword • Kurokawa Takeshi: National Land Development in Transition. Metropolitan Polarization and Spatial Division Revisited • Gerhard Steintjes: Spatial Planning in the Capital Region Berlin and Brandenburg • Manfred Sinz: From Metropolitan Regions to Communities of Responsibility • Winfried Flüchter: Shrinking Cities in Japan and Germany: A Comparative View • Hori Hajimu: Remote Islands, Forgotten Territories of Japan • Murakami Kayo: Community-Based Social Care Network: Lessons from Rural Hokkaidō, Japan • Michael I. Luger and Nicholas C. Maynard: Information and Communication Technology and the Places Left Behind • Graeme Purves: How Scotland Plans for the Periphery • Enokido Keisuke: Problems and Achievements of Rural Development in Japan: Okinawa’s Case • Wilhelm Benfer: Regional Development in Brandenburg in Times of Scarce Resources: The Case of Barnim County • Goto Haruhiko: Tourism Policies for Rural Regions in Japan • Andrew K Copus: European Peripherality: A Slippery Concept and a Moving Target • Onishi Takashi: Demographic Decline and Strategic Regional Development in the Peripheries of Japan • Klaus R. Kunzmann: Forgotten Territories in Europe

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