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CoverJapanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (Ed.)
Archaeology in Japan – Upheavals and Continuities

A Japanese-European Discussion
21-24 November 2004

2006 • ISBN 978-3-89129-948-7 • 189 p., Pb., 68 Ill. • EUR 30,40

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Our three-day symposium Archaeology in Japan – Upheavals and Continuities, the scholarly counterpart focusing on Japanese archaeology to the pioneering exhibition Time of the Rose Dawn at the Martin-Gropius-Bau, was without question one of the highlights of 2004 for the Japanisch-Deutsche Zentrum Berlin (JDZB). With this event we have entered new territory. Afterwards, we felt honored and enriched that we had been able to arrange a unique and unprecedented exchange on Japanese archaeology between Japanese and German-speaking scholars. (Angelika Viets)


  • Angelika Viets: Preface

  • Shôji Makoto: Greetings to the Symposium

  • Tanabe Ikuo: Prologue – Japanese Archaeology Today

  • Ono Akira: The Upper Paleolithic of the Japanese Archipelago: Dating and Criteria for Comparison

  • Inada Takashi: Settlement and Hunting in the Japanese Upper Paleolithic Period

  • Nicholas J. Conard: Early Figurative Art and Musical Instruments from Swabia

  • Michael Baales: Climate, Environment and Archaeology at the End of the Last Glacial Period in Central Europe

  • Okada Yasuhiro: The Jômon Sannai-Maruyama Site – Excavations and Results

  • Okamura Michio: The Sannai-Maruyama Settlement in the Context of Jômon Culture. Changes of Settlement Forms and Ways of Life During the Jōmon Period

  • Tsuji Seiichirô: The Ecosystem of the Sannai-Maruyama Site. Characteristics of the Culture and Ecosystem of the Jômon Period

  • Harunari Hideji: From Jômon to Yayoi. An Analysis Based on the Early Yayoi Custom of Tooth Extraction and on Burial Grounds

  • Shiraishi Taichirô: From Yayoi to Kofun – The Emergence of the Country of the Wa and Its Culture

  • Tanabe Ikuo: The Beginning of a New Age. The Establishment of an Autocratic Unified State and the Adoption of Buddhism

  • Werner E. Stöckli: On the Use of Chronology and Periodization for European Prehistory

  • Map of Japan • Chronology • Program of the Symposium • List of Participants

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