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CoverFranz, Edgar

Philipp Franz von Siebold and Russian Policy and Action on Opening Japan to the West in the Middle of the Nineteenth Century

2005 • ISBN 978-3-89129-871-8 · 235 S., kt. · EUR 28,30

Deutsches Institut für Japanstudien (Hg.): Japan und Europa / Japan and Europe / Nichi-Ô kôryushi • hikaku kenkyû

Edgar Franz deserves credit for having been the first to use Siebold’s private papers and manuscripts to provide a detailed analysis of his influence on Russia’s policy on opening up Japan. Franz proves that Siebold’s intimate knowledge of Japan and his sensitive attitude to the Japanese mentality were crucial to Russian negotiations. Subsequently Russia was the first foreign nation to succeed in concluding a treaty with Japan that included establishing trade relations between the two nations. It has been possible to verify Siebold’s significance for the modernization of Japan, the political dimension of Japan’s activities and Siebold’s great influence on the opening of Japan for trade and navigation.

Constantin von  Brandenstein-Zeppelin
(President of the Siebold-Gesellschaft Würzburg e.V.)


  • Preface · Acknowledgements

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Siebold as a diplomat

  • 3. Russian involvement in opening up Japan 1852 to 1855

  • 4. Comparison of the Treaties of Shimoda, Kanagawa and Nagasaki 1854/1855

  • 5. Siebold’s correspondence with leading Russian diplomats 1852–1853

  • 6. Siebold’s influence on the Instructions issued by the Russian government to Vice-Admiral Putiatin, Commander of the Russian expedition to Japan, 1852

  • 7. Siebold and the Additional Instructions from the Russian government to Vice-Admiral Putiatin 1853

  • 8. Siebold and the Russian letters to the Governor of Nagasaki

  • 9. Siebold and the Russian letters to the Japanese Emperor and to the Japanese Senior Council

  • 10. Siebold and the Treaty of Shimoda

  • 11. Conclusions

  • Documents · Appendices · References


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