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Cover Ito, Tomohide / Yukawa, Shiro / Zöllner, Reinhard (eds.)
The Sound of History
Towards the Use of Historic Audio Media in Japanese Studies

2023 · ISBN 978-3-86205-651-4 · 249 Seiten, kt. · EUR 30,–



In the first half of the 20th century, the shellac record was the most successful and important medium for the distribution of voice and music recordings. In Japan, it also went hand in hand with the development of film and cinema. The nine essays in this anthology by international specialists use the Kataoka Collection preserved at the University of Bonn to present ways of analyzing and interpreting the records, their metadata, their content, and their consumption. In doing so, they provide new access to the history of Japanese culture, society, and economy in the modern era.


  • KATAOKA ICHIRŌ: Modernization of Japanese Performing Arts with the Emergence of Film Culture
  • TILL WEINGÄRTNER: Listening to Rakugo: A Record by Yanagiya Kingorō
  • MŌRI MASATO: The Important Role of Discography in the 78 rpm Record Database
  • REINHARD ZÖLLNER: The Sound of Crisis
  • YUKAWA SHIRŌ: On the Intermediality and Mediality of the Record: Preliminary Considerations for a Genre Theory of Katsuben Records
  • UEDA MANABU: How Katsuben SP Records were Enjoyed
  • KERSTIN FOOKEN: The Sound of Lost Silent Films: Using 78 rpm Records for Japanese Film Histories Without Films
  • KOMATSU HIROSHI: Textiles of Memory: Cinema Woven by Sound
  • MŌRI MASATO: Analyzing Records: A Guideline on How to Acquire the Metadata of 78 rpm Records
  • About the Authors and Editors
  • Index


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