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CoverBracks, Christoph / Graf, Arndt / Keilbart, Patrick (eds.)
Towards the next 40 years of Southeast Asian Studies in Frankfurt
Essays in honour of Bernd Nothofer

Frankfurt East Asian Studies Series 6

2024 · ISBN 978-3-86205-379-7 · 221 Seiten, kt. · EUR 36,—


The Frankfurt East Asian Studies Series is co-published by the Interdisciplinary Centre for East Asian Studies (IZO) at Goethe University Frankfurt and by Iudicium. The book series invites interdisciplinary research on the modern cultures and societies of East and Southeast Asia within their historical contexts. As the perspective of the IZO is multi-disciplinary, the series is open to a wide variety of research methods including, but not limited to, philological, historical and cultural methods as well as approaches from the social sciences, law and economics.
In 1981, Bernd Nothofer was appointed the first Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at Goethe University Frankfurt. After his official retirement in 2006, he continued to teach and supervise for many years, as a towering figure for generations of students and colleagues.
Towards the next 40 years of Southeast Asian Studies in Frankfurt, it is assumed that the economic, political, and cultural relevance of Southeast Asia will continue to rise. In terms of disciplinary content, the last 40 years of Southeast Asian Studies in Frankfurt have demonstrated that the combination of “Languages” and “Cultures” can serve as an important building block in the study of Southeast Asia, while courses on the economics, politics, art, and history of Southeast Asia should also remain an integral part of the programs.


  • Christoph BRACKS, Arndt GRAF, and Patrick KEILBART: Introduction
  • Daniel KRAUSSE: The Enggano Language: Nothofer’s Contribution to Solving a Linguistic Puzzle
  • E. P. WIERINGA: A Grammatical Experiment that Failed: The Trajectory of the Indonesian Nominalizing Circumfixes pe-/peN-…-kan and pe-/peN-…-i
  • Willem VAN DER MOLEN: REMA LIR WINUSONAN. Making Sense of a Javanese Expression
  • Christoph BRACKS: Digitized Fieldwork in a Digitized World. New Possibilities for Documenting and Researching Un(der)described Languages
  • Annabel Teh GALLOP with Matthew BUCK: Brunei Guns in the Royal Artillery Museum
  • Arndt GRAF: Strategies for Cultural Transformation: Indonesian Debates of the 1970s and 1980s Revisited
  • Swantje HEISER-CAHYONO and Holger WARNK: Sailors, Truckers and Prostitutes, or How to Use a Condom: Two Indonesian Comics from the late 1990s
  • Yvonne TAN: Framing the Mass Media Abortion Debate in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore
  • Mohammad ROKIB: Archiving Practice for Digital Cerpen on Covid-19 Pandemics
  • Patrick KEILBART: From Old to New Media Literacies – and back again. Media Language and Media Logic in Indonesia and Southeast Asia/li>


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