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CoverDiffey, Norman R. / Schwarz, Hans-Günther
J. M. R. Lenz: Remarks Concerning The Theatre. Anmerkungen übers Theater
German and English / Deutsch und Englisch (German Texts in English Translation, Volume I. Deutsche Texte in englischer Übersetzung, Band I. Hans-Günther Schwarz & Norman R. Diffey (Eds.))

2012 · ISBN 978-3-86205-071-0 · 95 S., kt. · EUR 19,—



This parallel text edition of J.M.R. Lenz's Anmerkungen übers Theater enables English readers for the first time to access a significant dramaturgical document of the late eighteenth-century German Sturm und Drang movement, which was foundational to the classical-romantic period of German literature and ultimately influenced later writers of realism. Together with previously translated contemporary writings such as those of Herder and Goethe, this edition will enable students, scholars and general readers, regardless of the level of their knowledge of the language, to deepen their understanding of an important aspect of German literature and of European theatrical history in general.


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