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CoverGörner, Rüdiger (ed.)
Anglo-German Affinities and Antipathies

2005 • ISBN 978-3-89129-760-5 · 132 S., kt. · EUR 10,60

Anglo-German relations, although seriously strained towards the end of the Victorian era, were comparatively constructive during the 'long' 19th century and, at any rate, peaceful. In fact, they were arguably one of the most stable fixtures in a Europe that was otherwise a precariously fragile balance of interests and discord of voices. This volume brings together a selection of the papers given at two conferences held in November 2003 and April 2004 at the Institute of Germanic Studies, London, which focused on our respective intellectual histories and interconnections at the time.

Table of Contents

  • Rüdiger Görner
    Introductory Remarks

  • Rosemary Ashton
    The Case of Carlyle

  • John Walker
    Thomas Carlyle, Matthew Arnold and the Misunderstanding of the German Idea

  • Elinor Shaffer
    Coleridge and Kant’s ‘Giant Hand’

  • Stefano Evangelista
    The German Roots of British Aestheticism: Pater’s ‘Winckelmann’, Goethe’s Winckelmann, Pater’s Goethe

  • Peter Skrine
    Victoria’s Daughters: The Contribution of Women to 19th-Century Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Andrew Vincent
    An Edwardian Sittlichkeit: Haldane and German Culture

  • Mary Anne Perkins
    Coleridge, Friedrich Schlegel, and the Idea of Christendom

  • Katharina Krosny
    Hofmannsthal’s Aestheticist Heritage and ‘Das Märchen der 672. Nacht’

  • Biographical Notes




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