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CoverTeeuwen, Mark J.; Veerde, Hendrik van der
Nakatomi Harae Kunge. Purification and Enlightenment in Late-Heian Japan
(Buddhismus-Studien / Buddhist Studies 1/1998)

1998 • ISBN 978-3-89129-690-5
IV/118 S., kt. · EUR 15,-

Haus der Japanischen Kultur (EKO), Düsseldorf (Hg.)


Nakatomi Harae Kunge dates from the mid- or late 12 century, and is widely regarded as the oldest text of "Ryobu Shinto". It is an esoteric Buddhist interpretation of a purification formula used by "Yin-Yang Masters" (onmyoji) and shrine priests, and explains how purification rites from the kami tradition can be used to realise one's "original bond with Dainichi" (hongan) and thus attain instantaneous enlightenment. This monograph gives a complete, annotated translation of the text, reviews recent research regarding its dating and provenance, and analyses its ideas, ritual background, and influence on later developments in both kami and Buddhist thought and practice, leading the authors to the conclusion that Nakatomi Harae Kunge "inaugurated a new stage in the amalgamation of Buddhist and kami cults in pre-modern Japan."


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