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CoverKühlmann, Torsten M. / Dolles, Harald (Hg.)
Sino-German Business Relationships during the Age of Economic Reform

2002 · ISBN 978-3-89129-674-5 · vi/200 S., kt. · EUR 19,00

This edited book is concerned with the rapidly changing business envi­ronment in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and its implications for the management of enterprises – be it a state-owned or a privately owned company, a Chinese or a foreign enterprise.

by Torsten M. Kühlmann & Harald Dolles

I. The Economic Transformation Process in China
by Jingchen Bai

II. The Current Situation and the Prospects of the Reform of the Economic System in China
by Guoqiang Ma

III. Intercultural Communication on the Basis of Culturally-Rooted Values – a Key Factor for the Success of Business Relations
by Dieter Böhn, Henning Albrecht & Thomas Reichenbach

IV. Market Presence and Organizational Structures Across Cultural Boundaries: Case Studies on the Commitment of Bavarian Small to Medium-Sized Businesses in China
by Gert Schmidt, Aida Bosch, Pamela Finley, Markus Promberger & Thomas Reichenbach

V. Cooperation Modes, Problems, and Coordination of Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures
by Li Huai

VI. German Machines in China: Market Opportunities and Problems of Location
by Hans-Dieter Haas & Johannes Rehner

VII. A Study of the Distribution Channels of Chinese Enterprises
by Yunting Feng

VIII. Dalian´s Private Enterprises: Present Situation and Future Prospects
by Lin Zhong

IX. Privately Owned Enterprises in China: Context, Functions, and Outcomes
by Torsten M. Kühlmann & Harald Dolles

X. The Challenges Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Face in the Transition to Modern Management
by Jingtian Ge


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