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CoverKrebs, Gerhard; Oberländer, Christian (Eds.)
1945 in Europe and Asia. Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order

1997 • ISBN 978-3-89129-499-4
410 S., geb. · EUR 45,-

Monographien aus dem Deutschen Institut für Japanstudien  (Bd. 19)

Fifty years after the end of the Second World War, the Symposium "1945 in Europe and Asia - Reconsidering the End of World War II and the Change of the World Order", held at the Japanese-German Center Berlin in 1995, brought together twenty-one speakers to discuss the experience of the end of the war and the subsequent political events in seventeen countries in East and West. Many of the developments taken up at the meeting and summarised in this volume have been studied separately, but only the synthesis of detailed analyses of the events in a great number of countries makes the numerous parallels and the global interconnection of the historical processes visible. For all parties involved in the war, events in the European battlefields influenced decision-making in Asia and vice versa. Therefore, the essays in this volume reinforce the conclusion that - at least in the twentieth century - the history of Asia and Europe is one.


  • Krebs, G./Oberländer, Ch.: Introduction
  • Kimball, W. F.: U. S. Wartime Planning for Postwar Germany or Germany is Our Problem, Russia is Our Problem, the Economy is Our Problem
  • Schwartz, Th. A.: Germany into Europe: United States Policy in Germany, 1945-49
  • Henke, K.-D.: The American Conquest of Germany
  • Kettenacker, L.: Britain's Policy towards Germany
  • Semirjaga, M.: The USSR and Germany - From Military Confrontation to the Foundation of two German States
  • Frank, R.: France 1945: Between Power and Doubt
  • Petersen, J.: Italy: From the End of Fascism to the Postwar Structure
  • Zyblikiewicz, L. W.: Poland - From Liberation to the Establishment of Communist Rule
  • Krebs, G.: Japan and Germany - From Wartime Alliance to Postwar Relations
  • Iokibe, M.: American Pre-surrender Planning, Japan's Surrender, and US Occupation Policy towards Japan
  • Slavinsky, B.: The USSR and Japan: From Neutrality to War and from War to Peace
  • Lee, Ch. S.: The United States Policy in Korea, 1945-48
  • Chen, J.: China in 1945: From Anti-Japanese War to Revolution
  • Nish, I.: Britain, the End of the War in Asia and the Transformation of Empire
  • Goto, K.: A Comparative Study of Decolonization in Indonesia and Malaya
  • Jose, R. T.: The Philippines: From Occupation and Japanese 'Independence' to Independence
  • Nemoto, K.: Burma - Occupation, Collaboration, Resistance and Independence
  • Brötel, D.: Indochina (Vietnam) between National Independence and Colonial Continuity, 1940-54
  • Vinh, S.: Japan and Vietnam: From Wartime Occupation to Postwar Relations
  • Numnonda, Th.: Thailand's Transition: From the Japanese Military Presence to SEATO
  • Frei, H. P.: Australia and New Zealand: From Pax Britannica to Pax Americana


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