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CoverKreiner, Josef (Ed.)
Sources of Ryukyuan History and Culture in European Collections

1996 • ISBN 978-3-89129-493-2
396 S., geb. · EUR 55,-

Monographien aus dem Deutschen Institut für Japanstudien (Bd. 13)

The Kingdom of Ryukyu was, from its beginnings in the middle ages up to 1879, besides the Yamato State, the Heian Court or the shogunates of Kamakura, Muromachi and Edo, the only other independent political entity on the Japanese islands. It developed its own standard language, the Shuri language (or dialect), with roots in the Heian era. It also developed its own value system quite different of what we consider the 'Japanese' value pattern. And it had its independent history with intensive contacts with China and the Korean Peninsula, and for more than two centuries also with Southeast Asia and various European countries.
The present volume, which comprises papers read at the International Symposium, 'Sources of Ryukyuan History and Culture in Europe' (Bonn 1994), aims at two fields of study of the German Institute of Japanese Studies (Tokyo): First, by surveying existing sources on Ryukyu in European collections, a very special part of the historic contacts between Germany/Europe and Japan/Okinawa could be re-examined. Second, studies of these cultural relics may help to understand better the special history and culture of Okinawa within its Japanese framework.


  • Kreiner, J.: Notes on the History of European-Ryukyuan Contacts
  • Takara, K.: The Kingdom of Ryukyu and its Overseas Trade
  • Vos, K.: Dutch Encounters with the Kingdom of Ryukyu and Ryukyuan Collections in the National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden
  • Pantzer, P.: Knowledge and Sources on Ryukyu in Germany and Austria
  • Beillevaire, P.: Scholars, Officers and Missionaries: A History of French Sources on Ryukyu
  • Brown, Y.-Y.: Ryukyuan Resources in Britain: An Introductory Survey
  • Kabanoff, A. M.: Materials on the Ryukyuan Islands in St. Petersburg
  • Røkkum, A.: Contact through Collectibles: Scandinavia and the Ryukyu Islands
  • Arakawa, H.: Ryukyu Lacquerware in Europe - Focussing on the haku-e Technique
  • Shukumine, K.: An Encounter with Dyed and Woven Textiles from the Kingdom of Ryukyu. With Main Focus on the Collection at the Berlin National Museum of Ethnology
  • Yokoyama, M.: Ryukyuan Resources in Japan and the Database Project
  • Beillevaire, P.: General Bib-liography of Ryukyu-related Books and Articles Published in French
  • Kreiner, J.: Ryukyuan Collections in Europe
  • Kreiner, J.: Ryukyuan Collections in the United States
  • Kreiner, J.: Ryukyuan Collections in Japan


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