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CoverGroß, Thomas M.
Theoretical Foundations of Dependency Syntax

1999 • ISBN 978-3-89129-448-2
213 S., kt. · EUR 49,-

Since Lucien Tesnière's seminal work, a steadily rising number of linguists have turned to dependency grammar. This book gives a detailed and systematic account of the requirements a dependency syntax has to meet. The author starts from the very basic assumption that hierarchies exist between parts of speech, and develops the terminology in a methodical and gradual process. Particularly important are the hierarchical notions of "government" and "dependency". The author shows how also principal constituency syntactical notions like "phrase", "domination", "c-command" etc. can be defined in a dependency approach. The book also develops a systematic procedure for dependency tree production. It suggests ways how binding phenomena, word order, coordination and discontinuities can be captured in a dependency syntactical framework. All terms are explicitly defined and clarified. This book mainly draws on examples from the Japanese language.

Basic terms in dependency syntax · Some expansions of dependency syntax · Stemmatology · More expansions of dependency syntax · Constituency syntactical terms in dependency syntax · Binding in dependency syntax · Functional categories and word order · Coordinated structures · Discontinuities in dependency syntax · Some thoughts on language evolution · Index of terms · Appendix · Bibliography


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