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CoverBebenroth, Ralf (Editor)
In the wave of M&A: Europe and Japan

2007 • ISBN 978-3-89129-430-7
144 pp., Pb., with 14 Figures and 25 Tables• EUR 16,—




This book is based on a range of presentations which were delivered at the M&A conference held at Kobe University on February 20th 2007, titled as: “In the wave of M&A: Europe and Japan”. This event was hosted by the Research Institute of Economics and Business Administration (RIEB-Center) at Kobe University and was organized by Professor Dr. Ralf BEBENROTH, who belongs to this entity at Kobe University. For this workshop, researchers were invited from all over the world to the RIEB-Center and it is therefore, for all those interested parties who were unable to attend this event that we have put together this booklet.

Table of Contents

Foreword  • Remarks of Introduction  • List of Contributors

Part I: Europe in the wave of M&A

    On the determinants of M&A performance

  • KSHETRI, N. / BEBENROTH, R. / Li, D.
    Chinese Firms’ Outward Merger and Acquisition Activities:
    The Case of TCL in Europe

    M&A in Japan – Past and Present

Part II: M&A for European and Japanese companies

    Inward FDI and Economic Revitalization in Japan:
    A Political Economy Approach

  • BEBENROTH, R. / LI, D.
    Performance of inbound Japanese M&A


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