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Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin (Ed.)

Japanese and German Contributions to a Sustainable Development in Central Asia
Symposium June 10–11, 2002

2003 · 978-3-89129-945-6 · 173 pp., paperback · EUR 27,–
(jdzb documentation Vol. 5)

Volker Klein: Foreword · Shioya Takafusa: Opening Address · Colin Dürkop: Opening Address · Thomas Matussek: Keynote Address: Germany and Central Asia · Nomura Issei: Keynote Address: Looking for Japan-Germany Cooperation in Central Asia

Part 1: Political Aspects—Towards Stability in Afghanistan and Central Asia

Bulat Sultanov: Political Aspects of the Route to Stability in Central Asia · Shimizu Manabu: Towards Stability in Afghanistan and Central Asia—The Japanese Approach · Ulrich Brandenburg: Political Aspects Towards Stability in Afghanistan and Central Asia

Part 2: Economic Aspects—Towards Economic Development of Each Country in Central Asia and Regional Cooperation

Siroj Azizov: Central Asian Transport Infrastructure: Present Condition and Tendencies for International Cooperation · Mouzaffar Olimov: German and Japanese Support for Sustainable Development in Tajikistan · Murat N. Suyunbaev: Factors Concerning the Integration of Central Eurasia · Per Fischer: Development Tendencies of Central Asian Financial and Banking Systems After Eleven Years of Independence · Heinrich Sobottka: Siemens in Central Asia · Uwe Ohls: Development of the Socio-Economic Situation and Reform Policy—Approaches of German Financial Cooperation in the Region · Nakayama Kyôko: Japan Giving Aid as a Partner— Focusing on Experiences in Uzbekistan · Prianka Seneviratne: Towards a Road Transportation and Trade Facilitation Strategy for Central Asia

Part 3: Civil Society, Human Security

Rainer Goerdeler: Keynote Speech: The Central Asia Strategy and the Dialogue Between the Partners · Wilhelm Höynck: Civil Society, Human Security— The Role of the OSCE · Mushakôji Kinhide: Human Security in Central Asia—Proposition for a Security Assessment System · Maulen Ashimbaev: The Situation in Central Asia after September 11 in the Context of the Region’s Security · Maruf Usmanov: Civic Society and the Law-Based State as One of the Conditions Necessary for Protecting the Rights of the Individual · Heinz Bühler: Civil Society and Human Security

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