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Bauer, Roger; Fokkema, Douwe (General Editors)
Proceedings of the XIIth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (Munich 1988) / Actes du XIIe Congrès de l'Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée (Munich 1988) / Akten des XII. Weltkongresses der Association Internationale de Littérature Comparée (München 1988), Band 3

1990 • ISBN 978-3-89129-032-3
14,8 x 21 cm; EUR 49,-


  • Schober, Rita: L'espace comme parcours dans La Bête Humaine d'Emile Zola et dans Une journée plus longue qu'un siècle d'Aitmatov
  • Furst, Lilian R.: The Game of the Name
  • Ronen, Ruth: Places in Allegorical Worlds
  • Zeller, Rosmarie: Bemerkungen zur Semantik des Raums im Werk von Proust, Musil, Kafka
  • Ammer, Andreas: Verzeichnung der Begierden: Zur Semantik von Körper, Raum und Schrift in Goethes Römischen Elegien
  • Por, Peter: Rilke - Rodin, Cézanne, Klee: die Schöpfung des Raumes in der Moderne
  • Barrento, Joao: Die Zeit als Ort: Das erzählerische Paradigma im zeitgenössischen Gedicht
  • Cope, Kevin L.: Exit, Intermediary, or Interior: Leibniz, Gay, and Defoe on the Impassibility of Moralized Space
  • Thiem, Jon: The Return of Cosmology in Postmodern Writing
  • Kiss, Sándor: Deux mythologies de l'espace: Jules Supervielle et Mihály Babits
  • Yacobi, Tamar: Dimensions of Space: Isak Dinesen
  • Larsen, Svend Erik: Spaces in Isak Dinesen: "Sorrow-Acre"
  • Miner, Earl: Common, Proper, and Improper Place
  • Andrews, Mark W.: The Return to Exile: Celebrating the Space of the Other in Rainer Maria Rilke and Saint-John Perse
  • Sondrup, Steven P.: Spatial Structures in Strindberg's Chamber Plays
  • Rieger, Dietmar: "Je me sens un coeur à aimer toute la terre": Espaces de l'action donjuanesque de Tirso de Molina à Jean Anouilh
  • Golomb, H./Heskia, K.: Onstage and Offstage in Chekhov's Plays: The Question of Boundary Penetrability
  • Duckworth, Colin: From Stage Space to Inner Space in Beckett's Drama: Signposts to Elsewhere
  • Gobin, Pierre B.: Enfer et enfers au théâtre: Espaces et frontières, figurations, évocations, modélisations, problématiques modernes
  • Stoll, André: Sous la tente du barbare: L'espace de la séduction dans Salammbô de Flaubert
  • Buescu, Helena Carvalhao: George Sand et Jœlio Dinis: Questions d'espace dans le roman rustique français et portugais
  • Durusoy, Gertrude: Les villages de montagne et leurs coutumes chez Jean Giono, Hermann Broch et Yachar Kemal
  • Riese, Utz: Thomas Pynchon's Concept of Textual "Zone": Historical Space with Boundaries Deferred
  • Skutta, Francisca: Espaces antithétiques et complémentaires dans les romans de Marguerite Duras
  • Klein, Holger M.: Exploring Place and Space in Drama and in Fiction
  • Shideler, Ross: The Absent Authority: From Darwin to Nora and Julie
  • Ruprecht, Hans-Georg: L'espace-temps de la parabole: Borges et Kafka
  • Singh, Gurbhagat: Spatial Themes as Symptoms of Crises: The Poetry of Guru Gobind Singh and Ezra Pound
  • Catanzaro, Mary F.: The Space of the Couple in Beckett's Imagination Dead Imagine
  • Bueno-Ribeiro, Elian: L'espace politique et la construction de l'individualité chez Graciliano Ramos et Jorge Amado
  • Stanzel, Franz Karl: Das Niemandsland in der englischen und deutschen Dichtung aus dem Ersten Weltkrieg
  • Fréris, Georges: L'espace réel et imaginaire dans le roman de guerre
  • de Jong, Martien J. G.: Espace et frontières de l'imagination littéraire dans le roman de guerre
  • Dorsey, John T.: The Spatial and Temporal Dimensions of Hiroshima in Literature
  • Matsuoka, Naomi: Atomic Bomb Literature and the Boundaries of Fiction
  • van Coller, Hendrik: Border / Frontier Literature
  • Mews, Siegfried: Political Boundaries and the Boundaries of Politics: The Berlin Wall in Recent Fiction
  • Dumoulié, Camille: La littérature dans le souterrain
  • Marras, Emma: The Island Motif in the Works of Grazia Deledda, Elsa Morante, and Anna Maria Ortese
  • Becker, Claudia: Zur Interiorisierung der Raumsymbolik in der Literatur der Moderne
  • Walker, Janet A.: The Cramped Room in the City: A Setting for the Nineteenth-Century Individualist
  • Caramaschi, Enzo: Ville et individu
  • Sicher, Efraim: The Boundaries of Space in the Modern Literary Text: Balzac, Dostoevsky, Dickens
  • Barta, Peter I.: The Treatment of the Fourth Dimension in the Modernist City Novel
  • Dorsinville, Max: Space in the African Novel
  • Namowicz, Tadeusz: Wirkliche und literarische Räume: Stadt und Land in der deutschen, französischen und polnischen Literatur des 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts
  • Haga, Toru: House as a Space of Transiency in Japanese Poetry
  • Scholz-Cionca, Stanca: Imprisoned in Boundless Space: Symbols of Confinement in Nightbird, a Nô Drama of the Early Fifteenth Century
  • Odagiri, Hiroko: Symbolic Space in the Poetry of Izumi Shikibu
  • Bruton, Kevin J.: The Romantic and Post-Romantic Theme of Poetic Space as Exemplified in the Poetry of Luis Cernuda
  • Thomann, Huldrych: Raumnot und Grenzenlosigkeit im "Nouveau Théâtre": Bemerkungen zu Fin de Partie von S. Beckett
  • Fokkema, Douwe: China and the West: Introduction
  • Yue, Daiyun: Aspects of Marxist Controversies over Realism in Europe and China
  • Gálik, Marián: European Literary Trends and their Metamorphoses
  • Yip, Wai-lim: Modernism in Cross-Cultural Context
  • Zhao, Yiheng: The Second Tide: Chinese Influence on American Poetry Today
  • Aldridge, A. Owen: China in the Spanish Enlightenment
  • Hsia, Adrian: The Revival of China-Reception in German Literature 1979-1986
  • Chen, Lichuan: Application de la narratologie aux corpus chinois et européen
  • Jin, Siyan: Sept jours nommées et quinze étapes de transformation
  • Kilpatrick, Hilary: The Abridgement in Mediaeval Arabic Belles-Lettres: A Guide to Reception, a Pointer to Boundaries
  • Schippers, Arie: Convention and Originality in the Poetry of Eleventh-Century Muslim Spain: Reception of Eastern Poetry in the West
  • van Gelder, Geert Jan: Camels on Eyelids and the Bafflement of an Emperor: A Line of al-Mutanabbi "Translated" into Greek
  • Bürgel, Johann Christoph: Repetitive Structures in Early Arabic Prose, Sacred and Profane
  • Scott Meisami, Julie: The Grand Design: Medieval Persian Poetric Microcosms
  • Higonnet, Margaret: The Feminist Redefinition of Literary Space: Introduction
  • Stadler, Eva Maria: Defining the Female Body within Social Space: The Function of Clothes in Some Early Eighteenth-Century Novels
  • Metzger, Lore: Spatial Relations and Subject Formation in Wahlverwandtschaften and Mansfield Park
  • Vlasopolos, Anca: At Sea or In Deep Water: Women's Spaces in Perusasion, The Awakening and The Voyage Out
  • Templeton, Joan: Woman's Sphere and the Creation of Modern Tragedy: Hebbel's Maria Magdalene, Ibsen's Ghosts, and Strindberg's Miss Julie
  • Komar, Kathleen L.: Of Curves and Caves and Culture: Uses of Space by Contemporary Women Writers
  • Higonnet, Margaret: Spatial Metaphors in Feminist Literary Theory


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